Review of “Leavesly” by Reni Huang


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I ran across this book on Smashwords yesterday while checking on the “stats” of my stories.  I downloaded it and read it in two days.  I really enjoyed reading it, turning each page eagerly to see what was going to happen next.  Being self published it has some minor editorial errors, but not enough to distract from the story.  I give it a five star rating.

This is the description given on Smashwords:  Best friends Lexi Lin and Elliott Lee are excited about beginning their freshmen year in college. But all Julia Kyoto feels is apprehension. Determined to shed her shy girl tendencies, Julia makes a pact with God to help her overcome her inhibitions with a little step of faith. All seems well, until Julia’s diary ends up in the wrong hands, that of unattainable Wynn Yoshida.

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Big Bend Adventure


Description of the story:   A grandmother who knows her time is short plans a hiking adventure for her six grandchildren in Big Bend. After she dies the teenagers must complete six hikes to receive their inheritance.

We have actually hiked these trails in Big Bend and I tried to give the reader a good idea of what the trails are like.   We recently got interested in letterboxing and while this is not about letterboxing it is about finding an item that was hidden specifically for them to find.

We went ahead and published it with Smashwords also.

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A Triker Christmas


Description of the story:  A Triker Christmas is a short story of how a triker’s death touched the lives of strangers bringing them together. The death helps these strangers put together some of the broken pieces of their lives. They each had things wrong in their lives but looking at the big picture they didn’t see the missing pieces until this death brings them together.


This book came about because of a dream my husband had.  He went into great detail talking about it, and we started playing with the idea of writing another book.  After all the first one went over so well!  LOL

This one just sorta grew as we both added ideas to the story.  We went ahead and published it with Smashwords also.


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Legend the Jackalope


My husband wrote a short story and illustrated it himself back in 1980.  I typed it up on a “real” typewriter and we had it printed on a “vanity press”.  We gave some of the copies away.  Never sold a one.

Then I got a Kindle and learned about e-publishing.  We decided to put out this little story again, this time with smashwords.

Now all I have to do is get people interested in it.

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